Thu. Sep 23rd, 2021

What Type of Archery Equipment can we use?

There are many types or styles of bow to shoot but most are variations of recurve, compound or long bow. You need to try them to see what type appeals to you.

Recurve Bow

‘This is probably what you think of when you think of archery. These are the only type of bow used in the Olympic Games. You will notice the limbs curve twice, hence they ‘recurve’. The energy needed to pull back these bows is measured in pounds and will range from 12- 50lbs. However, the weight you need will also depend on your draw length, which is basically a measure of how long your arms are. They often have less gadgets attached so are more of a challenge to shoot but can also have sights and stabilisers etc. These bows are almost always drawn back with your fingers only.

Long Bow

The Long Bow is as simple as archery gets! Just the bow and wooden arrows and away you go! There are various ways of aiming with a long bow which can be tricky but it has a dedicated following of enthusiasts throughout the world. Great for all ages.

Compound Bow

This bow looks complicated but it isn’t really. It uses strings, cables and cams to give the arrow a lot of speed and accuracy with comparatively little effort. The amount of energy you need to draw the string back is measured in pounds and this can range from 15 for children to 70lbs for hunting. More is not always better though ,if you want to shoot more than a few arrows! (Most competition bows for an experienced archer is around 40lb for women and 60lb for men.) Once drawn back though, the amount of weight you hold while you aim is about 75% of this, making them a good option for any age. You can shoot these bows ‘bare’ with just an arrow rest, or fully tricked up with sights, stabilisers and a release aid.