Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

How do I get started?

Throughout the year there are ‘come and try’ days. These days are popular and free. Check out our calendar or see our Facebook page for dates.

If you would prefer to have an introduction to field archery in a small group or on your own, these are held on Saturdays.

Please ring the secretary on  477001971 or email :

Following on from the ‘Come and Try’ days or introduction days, you can hire a bow for a small fee and join in with the club shoots.

You can come and shoot on the range up to three times before you need to join the club. Once you join WBA, you can also join ABA (Australian Bowhunters Association). After three months, if you want to continue in the sport, you will need to join ABA.

See How do I Join? for more details.

 We are sure you will want to carry on and eventually buy your own gear. We can provide some guidance here too.